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Nic is a freelance Prop Stylist based in New York who’s been working in the field of Photo/Video Production for over 15 years. He has a background in Ceramics and Studio Art and has additionally worked in event installation, graphic design, interior design, merchandising display, production design, and web design.

Compositional balance is ultimately his intention with any work, and no matter the media he believes that a symmetry between shape, color, and space is the basis of any successful layout.

When he’s not working Nic enjoys spending time with his significant other exploring the Hudson Valley or just binge watching shows along with Thunder, their Russian Blue rescue cat.

His clients include Bark, Bed Bath & Beyond, Brooklinen, Macy's, Martha Stewart Living, Ostafin Design, Pottery Barn, PB Kids, Robert Allen Design, Sunham Home Fashions, Target, The Company Store, West Elm, and West Elm WORKSPACE.